Wurth Electronics Off the Clock Design Challenge 2018

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This year OCDC its comming with the Energy Harvesting Gleanergy kit and I have already receive mine, it comes with two boards, a low power processor board and the harvesting board.
This year I am going to make a guitar tuner device capable of tunnig your guitar with out the worries of have a fresh battery for it, it will be a Gleanergy device, so that means also that you will never need a wall adapter for it, think you can use it anywhere you are.

The Gleanergy kit comes with a pretty robust processor board which has an awesome e-paper display, those displays use almost nothing of the energy this kit can harvest, the processor its also an ultra los power consumption.
So, back to this year project, a guitar tuner. to make it not that complicated you will indicate which strings of your guitar you want to tune, it will indicate if you need to turn the mechanism of that string clockwise or anticlockwise, and the you can continue and repeat the steps for the next string.

This device will be very similar in aspect to a traditional electronic guitar tuner but this one will not need extra batteries of a wall-adapter.

Next week i will post my impressions regarding the KIT and make some sketches of the  Gleanergy guitar tuner. ;)