3D Concept Idea of the Portable baby bottle warmer

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In order to the electronics to take place in the design of the project its necessary to know how it would the product would behave, the interface to the user and the aspect of it ( Dimensions). That is why i decided to make some 3D drawings of how i imagine the product would look like in real life and try to make it according the specifications i talked about in the first post of this project.

So this is how i would like it look like:
In order to this concept idea to work i have drawn the following functional parts that you can see in the following exploded view.
The white pieces will be ABS plastic and the red one will be a translucent acrylic plastic for the Wurth RGB LEDs as an interface (visual interface) with the user, representing by its color the current, target temperature and notifications, the electronics and battery should be contained in the bottom part of this baby bottle warmer.

As a heating element i would like to use a Thermoelectric cell, in the bottom side will cool the MOSFET that will drive it and in the top side it will warm the baby feeding bottle, in this way i will not need a special heatsink for the MOSFET to cool it down.

So this are some of the part that will make posible this idea:

In the next post we will start by designing the electronics that will fit the bottom part of this design and the Wuth's Wireless Power Module.