Low energy Guitar Tuner

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I have been searching for a simple but nice way to do this Low energy guitar tuner, so the most simple way its by detecting the frequency with a microphone (electret) with a zero-crossing detector, that will could trigger an interrupt in any micro controller for it to mesure the time between interrupts and that way find out the frequency.

Another option its to just amplify the signal from the electret and with high resolution ADC mesure and determine the frequency, the most used method in this type of simple projects is this.

There are some nice electret amplifiers circuits that makes it all very easy like the MAX4466 from Maxim.

What i have like the most from this circuit its the 5nA complete shutdown characteristic which sounds great for Low power consumption project.

I will also use Low power microcontroller, in this case a Freescale one, a KL series, which is and Ultra Low Power series according to NXP.

Regarding to a visual interface for the user i am not pretty sure of what to use, an electronic Ink display o some nice LEDs from WE, I like more the idea of the LEDs, Wurth Electronics offer some pretty nice LEDs, what i like the most of WE LEDs its that they are so so bright even if i use a high value resistor like 1K and a supply voltage of 3V3 so i guess that i could try to dimm those a little bit more and still obtain a nice visual interface to work with.

And for my surprise they happened to be Low energy consumption LEDs, with sounds awesome for this project.

I would like to make prettier version of some DIY guitar tuners that i have seen over the internet, the are huge but i liked the how they look, and i think i could do something similar but smaller.

Thats it for this post, i will try to post very soon regarding this Low energy guitar tuner. Please share and stay tuned.