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martes, 2 de mayo de 2017
So the electronic part of the project its going to be very simple, but a good look.
This circuit would drive the heater element by reading a temperature sensor and adjusting the heater activation accordingly, but the special effects, the visual and good look of this will be 8 RGB LEDs with a shape of a ring like in the image of the concept design idea, this board should also be capable of charging the battery and respond to a human interface, in this case 3 push-buttons.

This is the schematic i made for this task.
Portable Baby Bottle Warmer - Schematic REV-A

In order for this board to look nice i made it round, and its time to get it manufacture. 


And this is the 3D model of it:

PCB - Front View

PCB - Back View

PBBW Assembly View

PBBW Explode View

 I have already think of some improvement I can make to the project, so this will not be the final version. Wait for more...

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