jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017

Wurth Electronics & ROHM's Wireless Power Kit 

Lets begin describing what is in this kit and what is it for, this kit is a practical to begin and to understand how Wireless Power works, this kit contains:

- Wireless Power Transmitter
- Wireless Power Receiver
- LED Load Module
- Power adapter

So this is the Transmitter:

This is the receiver with the LED load module attached:

With this two modules we can already do wireless power of 15W and connected to any device that accepts a voltage around 10 volts connected to the receiver module. Lets see them in action!

It really looks pretty amazing don't you think!?

Next week i will post how to connect another load to this KIT in a fast and a simple way before we get to start the design accordingly with our needs.

For more detail information on how this kit works I leave you the following links below:

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