Off the clock design challenge project introduction.

jueves, 16 de marzo de 2017

A week ago I received an email of Wurth Electronics telling me that i was selected to participate in the OFF THE CLOCK DESIGN CHALLENGE, this challenge consist in creating a product using their Wireless Charging KIT, this challenge will be 12 weeks challenge in which I will be posting all my decisions and updates of my project, to read more about this challenge click here.

What is my project for OCDC (Off the clock design challenge)?
- It's a Portable Baby Bottle Warmer (PBBW)

What does a PBBW is used for? why a PBBW? Let me explain the idea of this project.

A lot of parents are in constant movement, at work, to meetings, etc. Today there is not much time to simple things like to warm up the baby feeding bottle, that kind of task will just take a few minutes, but do we really always have that time? or are we always in the right place at the right moment to accomplish that kind of task, the answer, no, not always. This is why I would like to start this project using the Wurth's coils to do a wireless charging of this device to make more easy the way we warm up a baby feeding bottle.

(Wuth's coil image)

This PBBW will be able to warm up a standard size of baby feeding bottle anywhere and a fast charge of the battery with out connecting cables to it. It will have light notifications to inform us the temperature TARGET, STATE and READY notifications, i will use the Wurth's RGB LEDs to give this kind notifications, and also to make the interaction with the users more natural and self explained.

(Wuth's RGB LEDs image)

This how I imagine the PBBW will look like:

(PBBW reference image)

Now, some specifications:

  1.  3 times baby feeding bottle warm-up cycles or more.
  2.  Rechargeable wireless battery.
  3.  Target temperature set by user from 26 to 36 ºC.
  4.  Full color light notifications.
  5.  Portable size, Standard baby feeding bottle size. 

That is all for today, don't forget to leave your comments in the section below. :P

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    Great Information about Clock in this

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