Connecting a different load to the Wireless Power Kit

martes, 28 de marzo de 2017
Connecting another load to the Wireless Power Kit its pretty straight forward, as simple as to solder two cables. In this case I tried another LED module, but this with higher power specifications.

 In order to connect this load first of all we need to find the following pads labeled VOUT and GND, this pads and pins are capable of provide 10v @1A - in other words 10W output power.

Connecting another load

This way we have the specified power output described above, now lets mesure the Voltage and Current:

Voltage reading of 10.02 volts of 10 volts specified. 

Current capabilities of 1.1 Amps (10W)

So this kit by it self its capable of recharging a two cell battery without a problem and very fast also.
We could charge a two cell battery of 1000mAh rated 1C for charge within just 1 hour, that sounds good enough for our application.

Now that we now the power output capabilities we can select our battery and battery charger for our Feeding Baby Bottle Warmer. In the next post i will show what I will use as a heater element that will be in charge of getting the baby bottle at the right temperature.

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